A simplified video editor

Forbidden Technologies delivered broadcast quality editing suites and wanted to pivot their product to give everyone the ability to have professional quality edited videos.

Whether you have experience editing video or are new to it all, our revamped product guides you through a simple process and rewards you with a professional quality movie.



To deliver a simplified and user friendly product we wireframed, prototyped and tested many different variations on the video editing suite. 
Our user testers gave us valuable insights and direction on the visual design, language and  showed us a more natural way of interacting with our product.

We found that even with minimal skill our users were able to create a video and loved the final results. 

Once we were satisfied we had a working MVP product, we started working on the visual interaction design and onboarding process in tandem.


From our research and user testing we found that our users found the uploading of videos tedious. To combat this we created a set of questions and tips that helped users input information such as title and size, how to add imagery, text and filters. In turn users were more invested in their video and looked forward to the final production.

In conjunction with this we worked on a design system, from the smallest icons and elements. This enabled the developers to build each feature without having to create new or out of sync screens.

Selected Works

Eloïse Corke