Website UX/UI design and branding for RadioDNS

RadioDNS creates open standards for Hybrid Radio, seemlessly combining broadcast radio with internet connectivity. It’s been an honour to be part of their mission, work on their User experience challenges and develop their branding.

Bringing the brand to life

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Modular content 

The team needed a simple way to build pages with different types of content, such as legal documation, help guides or articles. 

By creating a set of styled modules relevant to each type of content, they are able to quickly and efficiently create pages.


RadioDNS had a lot of great content hidden amongst it's pages. The format for the content was difficult for users to consume on desktop and mobile. 


Simplified users journeys with easy to find content and a modern visual identity that encompassed their forward thinking and technical prowess.

Selected Works

RadioDNSWeb Design

CaptevateWeb app