Hey there! I'm Eloïse, a visual interaction designer with 10 years of experience. I come from a classical design principle background which means I'm a stickler for perfection in typography, aesthetically beautiful and fundamentally user friendly design, on or offline.

I specialise in customer delight and creating solutions using old school design principles and new school user testing, agile iteration and validation with users and data. I drive value from every interaction and produce beautiful work that’s engaging and effortless to consume.

I have a passion for emerging technologies and have strong conceptual and visual design skills with an in-depth knowledge of iOS, Android and web patterns, copywriting, print and branding. I’m well versed in the Adobe suite, Sketch, Invision, Marvel and Protio to name a few. 

Currently I am involved in creating props for films. This enables me to explore all eras of design, geographically and historically, and carefully create physical products. 


Adobe suite, Sketch, iOS, android, native and non-native app design, web app design, branding, copy writing, typography, illustration, photography, visual design, user interface design, user experience, user testing, interaction design, sketching, prototyping, wireframing, content architecture, art direction

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